Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My DREAM CAR.......almost!

The dream car. Everyone has one, Hardly anyone gets one. Mine, let's see...I saw it one day while walking to my parents house in North Lewiston. A Mustang. Sort of a chiffon yellow. I fell in love. I saw it again later that day and showed it to my dad he said , it was a 1965. I wanted that car so bad. I knew if I could just get close enough to it, and look over every inch, it had to have my name written on it somewhere. Just a small 'debbie' written in sharpie somewhere. Anywhere. That was a lot of years ago, about 30 or so. And as dreams sometimes do, that one faded. Except when I would see a light yellow mustang. Any mustang I suppose. Not the newer ones mind you. Just those cute little 1965 ones. Then I would get that old warm fuzzy, you know, and think "someday". Well. When my brother was in our bar one day, he said to me, "So when are you gonna get your hot rod?" Not sure those were his exact words, but I knew exactly what he meant. I just looked at him, and said "find me one...start looking." After all, I get to keep my tips, to do whatever I want with them.....why not save for that car?? I told him I wanted an automatic. Never been to good at multitasking with my feet and hands while behind the wheel. I got a call last week, and Dan said to get on the internet and look at the body style of the 1968. I did and I decided I could live with that. It's pretty close to the 65, still has that 'pony car' look! Mikey found not one but TWO 1968 Mustangs that would make ONE 1968 Mustang! So.........even though my dream car was a chiffon yellow 1965, I could have a 1968, whatever color I want ( I've since decided I like red) Mustang. We went and looked at them today, and I have to say, it was fun to watch Dan and Mikey look this car over (the better of the two) and talk about what was good and what wasn't so good. Most of it was good. It was a side of my brother I hadn't seen before, and I was impressed. This is what he does, I know, but to see him do it was cool. They left it up to me, and I just said I trusted their judgement. Guess what??? I got the cars for $1,450! Both of them! I am so excited!! Lots of the body work has already been done, 98% of the pieces are there, and I love it! I'm in no hurry. When Dan has time he can work on it for me, when he's busy he can park it out behind his shop and put it on the back burner. After all, every Mustang you see going down the road has a little old lady driving it. I'm not quite there yet. So he can take his time, and I can pay as I go, which is great for me. Even though it doesn't look like much in the photos, someday this will be a nice car!!! MY DREAM CAR....almost!

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  1. That is so awesome Debbie! I'm so happy for you! I love when "someday" turns into "today." Have fun with your little hot rod!